Fabrication of Fuel Reserve Tank (Underground and Upper Ground)

When we talk about the tank so we think big some thing round shape and very big in size Power Protection Service have complete solution for Diesel tank underground and upper ground since 2001 we are manufacturing diesel tanks for so many companies and projects. We have all range of size fuel reserves tanks available we understand the importance of diesel tank and fuel reserve tank. In BYCO oil refinery we give the 10 diesel tanks of 25,000 litters for Generator and quality of diesel tanks we set long duration and affordable.

Function of Diesel Tank

The main function of diesel and fuel reserve tank is storage of fuel and gas for the product required some time it store long time and some time very short period so the life of diesel tank should be long and martial use in diesel tank manufacturing is very high quality. We are working with so many companies according to company requirement we give the diesel tank and fuel reserve tank that complete client need. We are working on gas tanks, diesel tanks, petrol tanks, and other fuel reserve tanks

Upper ground tank benefits

Upper ground tank can easily do monitoringand inspection on daily basis without any worries and heavy equipment. upper ground tank has easy access in filling the fuel

Underground Tanks

Underground tanks can not be seen by naked eye, these are fixed in the carparking & basements. So the maintenance is not easy in case there is leakage, itis difficult to solve and as a result becomes expensive.

Sample drawing of Upper Ground Diesel Tank

Sample drawing of Upper Ground Diesel Tank

Quality of Diesel tank

  • Our aim to provide our client good quality product and long life diesel tanks and fuel reserve tank
  • Our engineer and technical staffs check in every step diesel tank and fuel reserve tank progress so the chances of leak is impossible
  • We give the diesel tank hydro testing system and UV light testing system we understand the important of our client and our product.
  • We give the fuel tank sun blasting paint and before use it we clean all kind rust and water and some thing else in the diesel tank.
  • According to the client requirement we are manufacturing diesel tank and fuel reserve tank that help good and long relationship between our clients
  • We give the diesel and fuel reserve tank to show the how many level of diesel and fuel available in the tank. We done our diesel tanks Calibration process so help the measure fuel in the tank.

Process of manufacturing Fuel reserve tank

Power Protection Service used for fabrication of fuel reserve tanks’ stainless steel, they give good strength and long durability. There are number of ways to store fuel and best solution is Fuel Reserve tank. Before you buy storage tank, you must be aware of fuel or gas usage of tank.

First process is to start manufacture of diesel tank,ncutting the sheets thickness according to client requirement then roll the sheet in the roller and assemble all parts and make holes for fuel inside and outside the tank , drain and fuel level indication. Every step we follow is in accordance with Power Protection Service policy and quality control sheets so the final diesel tank and fuel reserve tank is ready to be delivered to our client

Note: Children should stay away from the diesel tank because if any kind of leakage occurs, it could prove dangerous and blast may occur,so keep an eye on your diesel tank.

Our Clients

Saleem Sons & Company has delievered best in the market in terms of given time span and manufacturing quality, so some of our valued clients are :